About this working group

The purpose of the Mid-American Agroforestry Working Group (MAAWG) is to provide coordination to help advance the science, practice and adoption of agroforestry by natural resource professionals and landowners in the Midwest region of the United States.

The goals are to:

    • Identify the core issues (gaps, barriers, conflicts, opportunities) for advancing the adoption of agroforestry as a cornerstone of productive land use in the Midwest;
    • Initiate and coordinate actions to address and resolve the core issues; and
    • Communicate with key audiences about the working group’s purpose, goals, core issues actions and findings.

The working group recognizes that greater adoption of agroforestry practices hinges on improvement of professional in-service opportunities for resource-conservation professionals, and training programs for graduate and undergraduate students, that will support landowners, program managers and forest industry clients.

Download a copy of the MAAWG tri-fold, color brochure (reader version).MAAWG_AFBrochure-readingversion_6-2013 (3.39 MB PDF)

Download a copy of the MAAWG tri-fold, color brochure (f&b printer version).MAAWG_AFBrochure_to-printversion_6-2013 (3.39 MB  PDF)

MAAWG is not a political or advocacy organization but is focused on promoting the adoption of agroforestry in the MidAmerican region through expanding knowledge, coordinating and leveraging resources, and building stakeholder capacity.

View the working group logic model, which outlines MAAWG’s inputs, activities, outcomes and measurements. At: Agroforestry Logic Model PDF