Journals and Newsletters

Green Horizons Newsletter. MU Forestry Extension and The Center for Agroforestry with the Forest and Woodland Association of Missouri. Published 3x annually on a variety of topics. Focus is on Missouri.

The Overstory eJournal. Agroforestry Net, Inc. Published monthly on a single topic. Covers international agroforestry practices, good examples and explanations of how this works ‘on the ground’.

The Temperate Agroforester and Agroforestry Newsline. Association for Temperate Agroforestry. Since 1991, agroforestry for landowners in temperate regions of North America. In-depth articles o­n research, education and practice, including practitioner profiles and book reviews.

Inside Agroforestry. National Agroforestry Center, published 3X annually, one topic/issue, broad scope of latest information and practices.